Welcome to our English Blog


Welcome to our English blog. Here you will find information about ArkivDigital in English. The blog content will range from information concerning new record additions to research and record reading tips, events and other important news. With over 50 million color images, we have a lot of interesting things to share with you!

In addition to postings, you will find an Event Calendar listing activities where ArkivDigital will be present in North America. In the Links section, you will find information about Swedish American Genealogical Centers in North America and other links. Under Research Tips, you will find hints for beginning your Swedish research.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to our English Blog

  1. This is wonderful. The online translators give you the general idea, but sometimes the translation gets a bit back to front for English only readers. Occasionally there is a word that is not directly translatable into English. It then get interesting then trying to work out, what the meaning could be.