A History of Swedish-Americans of Minnesota

Among the Swedish-American church books collection, you will find some scanned books. One is the 3-volume set, A History of Swedish-Americans of Minnesota, published in 1910.

You will find the three volumes by:

  • Go to app.arkivdigital.se
  • Select Archive search
  • Select country, United States
  • Select archive type, printed literature
  • Select tryckta skrifter, Minnesota, USA
  • Then you will find the volumes:
    • Swed.AmericansOfMinnesota:1
    • Swed.AmericansOfMinnesota:2
    • Swed.AmericansOfMinnesota:3

You will find a table of contents covering all three volumes in the first volume. Some of the chapter titles are:

  • A Glance at the History of Sweden
  • Minnesota as a State
  • The Swedish Lutheran Church in Minnesota
  • The Swedish Baptists in Minnesota
  • Swedish Methodism in Minnesota
  • Swedish-American Press in Minnesota
  • City of Minneapolis
  • Leading Citizens of Minnesota

You will also find a name index in the first volume covering all volumes.

The chapter, Leading Citizens of Minnesota, begins on page 1028 in volume 3. Below is an image and short biographical sketch of Oscar Anderson, born March 24, 1847, in Åtvid parish in Östergötland county who emigrated from Sweden in 1868. Note – Oscar Anderson is his Americanized name.

leading citizen of minn