90 Million Images!

90 million images

ArkivDigital has reached a new milestone and now has more than 90 million newly photographed images of church books and other documents or more than 180 million pages of historical records available for research.

In ArkivDigital, you will find newly photographed church books, estate inventories, court books, general muster rolls, boatswain rolls, draft registration cards, Swedish-American church books, and many other documents. Also, you will find several million aerial photographs of houses and farms from all over Sweden from the 1950s and forward.

To make it easier to search these records, we have created indexes. With just over 216 million searchable names, ArkivDigital is the largest in Sweden in searchable personal indexes.

Our earlier milestones:

  • 10 million images, August 2008
  • 20 million images, March 2010
  • 30 million images, September 2011
  • 40 million images, March 2013
  • 50 million images, September 2014
  • 60 million images, May 2016
  • 70 million images, July 2017
  • 80 million images, October 2018

Now we are looking forward to our perhaps most important milestone so far, namely to reach 100 million images!