NEWS! Births, marriages and deaths in Nederluleå

Again, we have updated our indexes, Births, parts of Sweden, Marriages, parts of Sweden and Deaths, parts of Sweden. Today we have added information about births, marriages and deaths in Nederluleå.

The update includes the following years and number of posts:

  • Births: 21,727 posts for years 1861–1924
  • Marriages: 5,484 posts for years 1861–1936
  • Deaths: 14,308 posts for years 1861–1930

In addition, this update includes information about births, marriages and deaths for the years 1888-1889 for the little church archive, Luleå-Ofotens järnväg.

The indexes for these births, marriages and deaths have been created in partnership with the Lulebygden genealogical society.

nederlulea death image

We publish these indexes in order to make it simpler for you as a customer to quickly find the person you are searching for. With a simple search, you can now find when your ancestors and relatives were born, married and died. When you find the right person, you can click to the original source and double check the information.

Earlier, we added searchable name indexes for births, marriages and deaths in Nederluleå up to 1860 in our index.

By clicking on the below links, you can see which parishes and years are included in the indexes after this update:

In order to open any of these three indexes, you login at, select Index search and select, Births parts of Sweden, Marriages, parts of Sweden or Deaths, parts of Sweden in the list under Index source.


NEW! Births and marriages in Roslagen

We have again updated our indexes, Births, parts of Sweden and Marriages, parts of Sweden. This time our update includes information about births and marriages from different parishes in Roslagen in Uppland province. We have published information about births for 37,547 persons and information about marriages for 12,177 persons. You can find this information with a simple search in ArkivDigital’s index. When you find the right person, you can simply click and go directly to the original source in order to verify the information in the birth book or marriage book.

Roslagen födda och vigda

The following information is searchable in the birth index:

  • Birth date
  • Baptismal date
  • Child’s first name
  • Birth place (village, farm, etc.)
  • Birth parish
  • Parents’ first names and last names, their titles/occupations and age.

In the marriage index, the following information is searchable:

  • Name of the bride and groom
  • Residence for the bride and groom
  • Marriage date
  • Marriage parish
  • Marriage county

The following parishes and years are included in the updating of the birth index:

  • Edsbro, years 1851-1908
  • Estuna, years 1850-1907
  • Frötuna, years 1850-1906
  • Husby-Sjuhundra, years 1850-1907
  • Lohärad, years 1850-1907
  • Länna, years 1850-1899
  • Malsta, years 1850-1906
  • Norrtälje, years 1850-1906
  • Riala, years 1850-1894
  • Rimbo, years 1850-1894
  • Roslags-Bro, years 1850-1894
  • Rådmansö, years 1850-1907
  • Rö, years 1850-1894
  • Skederid, years 1850-1907
  • Söderby-Karl, years 1850-1909
  • Ununge, years 1850-1908
  • Väddö, years 1850-1909

The following parishes and years are included in the updating of the marriage index:

  • Edsbro, years 1850-1910
  • Estuna, years 1850-1910
  • Frötuna, years 1850-1906
  • Husby-Sjuhundra, years 1850-1909
  • Häverö, years 1850-1910
  • Lohärad, years 1850-1910
  • Länna, years 1850-1909
  • Malsta, years 1850-1909
  • Norrtälje, years 1850-1906
  • Riala, years 1850-1909
  • Rimbo, years 1850-1910
  • Roslags-Bro, years 1850-1909
  • Rådmansö, years 1850-1909
  • Rö, years 1850-1909
  • Skederid, years 1850-1909
  • Söderby-Karl, years 1850-1910
  • Ununge, years 1850-1910
  • Väddö, years 1850-1909

The information from Roslagen is publicized in partnership with the Norrtälje genealogical society. (

Click on the following link:, to see the parishes and years which are included in the index: Births, parts of Sweden and click here,  to see what parishes and years are included in the index, Marriages, parts of Sweden.

In order to open of these indexes, you can login at and select Index search and select either Births, parts of Sweden or Marriages parts of Sweden under index source.


Soon even more searchable name indexes in ArkivDigital!


ArkivDigital has entered into a partnership with the genealogy society, Föreningen Släktdata.

The partnership will allow ArkivDigital to have access to approximately 1.6 million index entries which will be searchable in ArkivDigital. These index entries include births, marriages, and deaths primarily from the western parts of Sweden. The register from Föreningen Släktdata has been created by genealogists from various parts of Sweden and is available on the Föreningen Släktdata website.

The new index entries will make it easier for ArkivDigital’s customers to find even more ancestors and relatives with the help of a simple search. You will be able to search by name, year, place and other criteria. Once you find the person you are looking for, you can easily click a link to access the original record to verify the information. Work on linking the index entries with the church books will begin next year and these new indexes will be available to ArkivDigital customers sometime in the coming year.

ArkivDigital’s goal is to publish more name indexes, both those that the company has created on its own and those that genealogy associations around Sweden have created over the years.

About Föreningen Släktdata
Föreningen Släktdata has existed since 1989 and is a society whose primary goal is to make as many church books as possible freely accessible for genealogists. The society’s searchable database which is free for all can be found at the following web address:


Soon it will be easier to research in Värmland!

Wonderful news for all with Värmland roots! Soon, it will be easier to search for your Värmland ancestors. This is thanks to the Värmland Genealogical Society which has allowed ArkivDigital to acquire the church book register which the society has created. The register which is named the Värmland’s Church Book Register (Värmlands Kryrkboksregister) was created over a period of years by members of the society as well as work from some labor market projects. The register was previously published on a DVD/USB. This register will be available in ArkivDigital.

“We see ArkivDigital as a natural partner,” says Lars-Göran Jansson, chairman of the Värmland Genealogical Society.

The new register will include more than 1.2 million index entries for births, marriages and deaths for the majority of Värmland parishes. The fact that this information will become searchable in ArkivDigital will make it much easier for all researchers who have Värmland ancestors when one no longer has to browse page by page in the church books but simply look for the person with a simple search.

Warmland mapMap of Värmland. The map is borrowed from the Postmuseum’s collection at DigitaltMuseum.

ArkivDigital customers will be able to search by name, year, location plus much more. When one has found the information, one can easily click on the original source record to check the information. ArkivDigital is beginning to link the register entries to the church book records and, in a few months, the Värmland register will become available to ArkivDigital customers.

ArkivDigital’s goal is to publish more indexes including those produced by the company and those that have been created by organizations around Sweden over the years.

“We welcome genealogical societies to contact us, if they have registers of church books or other old documents,” says Mikael Karlsson, managing director of ArkivDigital.


Name Register Review

ArkivDigital’s goal is to make Swedish research quicker and easier. We have added the Population of Sweden 1860-1947, a name searchable index of all the household/congregation books for all of Sweden with a direct link to the original record. We have added searchable name indexes for births, marriages, and death records for parts of Sweden primarily for the county of Kronoberg, many parishes in Södermanland county and a few other parishes with a direct link to the original record. Our goal is to index all the birth, marriage and death records for all of Sweden with links to the original records and this is in progress but will take some time.

Meanwhile, we would like to point out we do have printed name registers for various church books such as marriage name indexes for parishes in Gotland, name registers in some of the large city parishes and other name registers. We have written blogs about these name registers in the past and today we would like to present a summary of these blogs.

Name Registers

Name registers in parish archives

Stockholm City church book registers

Gotland marriage name indexes

stockholm cith birth indexA page out the Klara parish birth book register for the years 1744-1780. The register is organized alphabetically and gives a reference to the volume and page number where you will find the complete record. Klara (A, AB) FbReg:3 (1744-1780) Image 190 / Page 29 (AID: v883771.b190.s29, NAD: SE/SSA/0010)

1758 stockholm recordThe birth record for Anders on the 7th of September 1758 in Klara parish. Klara (A, AB) CIb:1 (1755-1764) Image 115 / Page 221 (AID: v87351.b115.s221, NAD: SE/SSA/0010)


Birth, marriage and death indexes for Eskilstuna and surrounding area

Do you research in Eskilstuna and the surrounding areas? If so, you will be happy to know that we have recently added the birth, marriage and death name searchable indexes for parishes from the area which today represents the municipality of Eskilstuna. The following parishes have been added to the index:

Eskilstuna (stadsförsamlingen)
Eskilstuna Fors
Eskilstuna Kloster
Torshälla landsförsamling (Hällby)
Torshälla stadsförsamling

eskiltuna marriageSearching in Marriage Index, parts of Sweden

The indexes for the added parishes are from the oldest time (late 1600’s) to around 1894. In many cases, the indexes are for later years. You can find the end years at the following links:

The register was created by the Eskilstuna-Strängnäs Genealogical Society and the index can be published thanks to an agreement between the society and ArkivDigital.

In order to access ArkivDigital’s birth, marriage and death index, one must have an All-in-one subscription. The index is only available in our web version of our software which you will find here:

To find the index:

  • Select New index search
  • Select under index source one of the following:
    • Birth index,  parts of Sweden
    • Marriage index,  parts of Sweden
    • Death index,  parts of Sweden

search birth marriage death

Read original blog in Swedish.


Photographing of modern church books complete for several counties

varmland 1945

 At the end of January, ArkivDigital began photographing the modern church books up to the time of the law of privacy limits, currently 1945 (See earlier blog entry). We are happy to announce that we have now completed the photographing for Stockholm, Jämtland, and Gotland counties. In early February, the modern church books for Värmland were added to the online archive.

New volumes of modern church books are continually being added. Currently we are focusing on photographing the books in Blekinge, Halland, Kristianstad, Malmöhus, Västmanland, Kopparberg and Kronoberg counties.

Concerning the privacy limits, we wish to clarify that if a book contains years that are protected by the privacy law, we cannot photograph it. For example if a death and burial book covers the years 1895-1950, we are not able to photograph this book since the book contains years that are protected by the privacy law. The moving in and out registers along with the banns and marriage books are an exception to this rule. Generally, these records are not protected by strict confidentiality so we can often photograph these records even if they include information after 1945.

Finally, we would also like to mention a few words about the birth and baptismal books.  In these books it is common that notes may be added to a record, for example a note relating to an adoption, often decades after the event. The 70 year privacy law begins from the date of the last inserted note. This means that we do not currently have the opportunity to photograph some of the birth and baptismal books even though they do not contain any birth records for persons born after 1945.

Read blog entry in Swedish.