Orphanage Records in ArkivDigital

We have been recently receiving questions about availability of orphanage records within ArkivDigital. It has been a while since we wrote a blog or newsletter about these records. Within ArkivDigital, you will find archives for the following orphanages:

  • Allmänna barnhuset (Public Orphanage of Stockholm)
  • Amarilitetsbarnhusets i Karlskrona
  • Frimurarbarnhuset i Stockholm (Free Mason Orphanage in Stockholm)
  • Kronohuset i Malmö – Royal Orphanage in Malmö
  • Malmö barnhem (för flickor) – Malmö orphanage for girls
  • Malmö barnhuset – Malmö Orphanage

To search for the orphanages within ArkivDigital, do the following:

  • Select archive search.
  • Select archive type: barnhus (barnhus is Swedish for orphanage).
  • Click on search.

Sweden’s largest orphanage was Allmänna barnhuset or the Public Orphanage of Stockholm which was founded in 1633 and active until the 20th century. Many of the children at the Public Orphanage were placed in homes around Sweden and the orphanage records show where they were placed. Below is an image of an orphanage record from the Public Orphanage of Stockholm.

orpan stockholmAllmänna barnhuset (A, AB) D2H:27 (1831-1832) Image 240 / Page 2531 (AID: v749581.b240.s2531, NAD: SE/SSA/0809A)

The above record is for Anna Charlotta Göransson born on the 18th of January 1827. Her mother is noted as the deceased widow, Anna Greta Göransson. Anna Charlotta was placed in the home of farmer Pehr Pehrsson at Österfligge in Liden parish in Västernorrland county in 1831.

Click here to read more about the Public Orphanage of Stockholm.


NEW! Births in Indal, Liden and Holm

We have now published the birth index for the parishes, Indal, Liden and Holm in Västernorrland county. There are approximately 19,800 new posts which are now searchable in the index, Births, parts of Sweden.

The following years are included for the different parishes:

  • Holm: 1748–1918
  • Indal: 1668–1942
  • Liden: 1668–1925

Earlier, we published the births for the years 1800-1840 in the birth index but now we have added to the index the years before 1800 and after 1840. This is thanks to a private individual who provided ArkivDigital access to the index.

The birth index is a great help when you research since you can quickly find the correct person with a simple search. Then you can then click directly to the original source in order to verify the information in the birth book.

indal birth

You will find the following information in the index record:

  • Birth date
  • Baptismal date
  • Child’s first name
  • Birth place (village, farm, etc.)
  • Birth parish
  • Parent’s names, titles/occupations and ages

There are now approximately 3.5 million index entries in the index, Births, parts of Sweden. We will be updating the registers with more counties so watch our blogs for information about future updates.

Click here to see what parishes and years are included in the Births, parts of Sweden index.

To open the index, Births, parts of Sweden:

  • Login at app.arkivdigital.se
  • Select Index search
  • Select, Births, parts of Sweden, in the list under Index source.