Additions to the estate inventory index for Gotland

We have again updated our estate inventory index. This time we have added new searchable posts for estate inventories from Gotland. The updating consists of newer years for district and city courts where older years have been available for some time.

For Gotlands norra häradsrätt (Northern District Court) we had previously added searchable name posts for the years 1644-1862 and now we have added posts for the years 1863-1917 along with the years 1932-1936.

For Gotlands södra häradsrätt (Southern district court), we had previously added searchable name posts for the years 1680-1862 and now we have added posts for the years 1863-1935.

For Rådhusrätten – Magistraten i Visby (City Court in Visby) we have earlier added searchable name posts for the years 1657-1860 and now have added posts for the years 1861-1935.

This update includes 27,241 new searchable name posts. After this update, the estate inventory index includes a total of 1,892,035 name searchable posts.

gotland 1936 ei

For you who do family research, the estate inventories are an important source. Here you can find information about family as information about the deceased’s heirs are noted in the estate inventory. You will find information about the deceased’s assets and debts and often there is detailed list of the deceased’s possessions.

Our index makes it easier to find the correct estate inventory, since usually it can be time consuming since the estate inventories are not organized in exact date order.  In 2017, we launched our estate inventory index and since then we have added material several times.

In the estate inventory index, you can search by name, year when the estate inventory was created along with the county and parish where the deceased person lived. When you search by year, one should remember that the estate inventory was not always created the same year of the person’s death.  Therefore, search with a time interval beginning with the death years and a couple of years out.

The estate inventory index now includes searchable name information for estate inventories from the following counties: Gotland, Gävleborg, Göteborg och Bohus, Jämtland, Jönköping, Kalmar, Kronoberg, Norrbotten, Skaraborg, Stockholm, Södermanland, Uppsala, Värmland, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Västmanland, Älvsborg and Östergötland. We will continue to add more information so watch for additional information in our blog and Facebook.

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To access the estate inventory index, you log in at, select Index Search and select Estate Inventory in the list under Index source.