NEW! Updating of marriage index for 1800-1840

We have updated our marriage index with 60,601 searchable name posts for Östergötland county for the years 1800-1840.

With the help of the marriage index, it becomes easier to find marriage records for your ancestors and family. You do not need to browse page after page in the marriage books but you can now make a quick search in our index. When you find the bridal couple and marriage that you are seeking, you can simply click on a link and go directly to the marriage book to double check the information in the original source.


The following information is searchable in the marriage index:

  1. Marriage parish
  2. Marriage date
  3. First and last name of bride and groom
  4. Residence of bride and groom

Today, the index, Marriages, parts of Sweden, now totals 1,211,022 name searchable posts. We will continue to update this index with more counties. So watch our blog and other social media for information about the update.

Click here to see what parishes and years are included in the marriage index after this update.

In order to open Marriages, parts of Sweden, you login at and click on Index search and then select Marriages, parts of Sweden, under index source.


Population of Stockholm 1945

Genealogy research in Stockholm City can be challenging even as late as the mid-1940’s. The absence of household/congregation books in the major Stockholm city parishes makes these church archives less useful than church archives for the rest of the country. Also, this means that persons living in Stockholm City after 1878 are not included in the Population of Sweden 1860-1947 index.

With our new index, the Population of Stockholm 1945, we hope that this will be of great help for those who research in Stockholm City in the mid-1940’s. This index covers the entire population of Stockholm City on December 31, 1945, approximately 670,000 persons.

The sources for this index are forms titled “Utdrag ur Stockholms stads civila folkregister den 31 december 1945 och mantalsluppgift för år 1946” or Extract from the Stockholm City population register on December 31, 1945 and tax records for the year 1946. These forms were sent to the Central Bureau of Statistics and were the basis for the 1945 Census.

population of Stockholm 1945A page out of the extract for Gustav Vasa congregation Kvarter Stjärnfallet 1

The index record shows the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Birth date and birth place (parish/county/country)
  • Marital status
  • Resident parish and address (usually the quarter where the individual is registered)

In addition, other members of the household are displayed.

By clicking on the link to the source, the original source record is shown. You will find more information in the original source than what is included in the index record. Sometimes, you will see the individual’s occupation and even the individual’s employer.

Accessing the Population of Stockholm 1945 requires an All-in-one subscription.