Another look at Regna’s Historical Society Archive

About three years ago, we wrote a blog (see earlier blog in English, see earlier blog in Swedish) stating that selected sections of the Regna local historical society’s archive (Regna hembygdsförenings arkiv) had been added to the ArkivDigital’s online archive.

Since there are so many types of records within ArkivDigital, it is often good to review the many types of archives and record types within ArkivDigital.

Among one of the most interesting archives is the Regna Hembygdsförening:Fotoalbum. The archive includes 17 volumes of wonderful photographs of people living in Regna, taken from the middle of the 1800’s and forward. Many of the persons in the photos are identified with information about their place of residence as well as birth and death year.

If you have an ancestor from the parish of Regna in Östergötland county, you may want to look at these photographs. Below is a photo of Nämndeman (Juryman) Viktor Gustafsson who emigrated from Regna to North America in 1903.

viktor gustafsson

In order to access Regna Hembygdsförening:Fotoalbum:

  • Select Archive search.
  • Enter Regna hembygdsföreningin the search box under archive holder and click search.
  • Select Regna Hembygdsförening:Fotoalbum and open archive.


Swedish congregations in Oslo and Berlin

Berlin ParishSvenska Victoriaförsamlingen i Berlin OI:3 (1926-1941) Image 4510 (AID: v793345.b4510, NAD: AD/BERLIN/0001) Link.

We have previously posted blogs about the Swedish congregations in Copenhagen and Paris: Svenska Gustafskrykan in Copenhagen and Svenska Sofiaförsamlingen in ParisWe also have records for Swedish congregations in other countries, namely Svenska Victoriaförsamlingen in Berlin, Germany, along with Svenska Margaretaförsamlingen in Oslo, Norway.

Both congregations were established in the beginning of the 1900’s. The birth books for the Oslo congregation begin in 1911 and the marriage and death books begin in 1912. In Berlin, the birth books begin in 1902 and the marriage and death books begin in 1903. For Berlin, there are also congregation books along with moving in and out registers which are missing for Oslo.

In addition to the common record types, we have photographed other types of documents for both the Berlin and Oslo congregations. An example of one is the Svenska Victoriaförsamlingen in Berlin OI: 3 volume which contains documents about church taxes from 1926 to 1941. Among the documents included are letters from church members who believe they do not have to pay a tax. The image above shows a letter from a woman who married a German man and thereby became a German citizen. Since she was required to pay a German church tax, she wrote that she no longer wanted to pay taxes to Victoriaförsamlingen.

Read the blog entry in Swedish.