Swedish American Church Books in ArkivDigital

ArkivDigital has Swedish-American church books for the following states in ArkivDigital’s online library:

  • Illinois – 2
  • Iowa – 88
  • Kansas – 100
  • Minnesota – 125
  • Missouri – 9
  • Nebraska – 120
  • Oklahoma – 1
  • South Dakota – 1
  • Wisconsin – 12

The Swedish-American church books include birth, marriage, death, membership, reception of members, dismissal of members, protocols and account records. Often you will find anniversary booklets, church histories, attachments to records and even in some congregation archives family histories. The types of records vary by parish and denomination. Click here for more information about types of church records.

Anniversary books were often created to celebrate the 50th, 75th, or 100th anniversary of the church. These books often will give a history of the congregation, sometimes a history of the settlement, biographical sketches of the ministers and even occasionally biographies, genealogies and photos of the early church members.

Below is a photo of Mrs. David Lindström or Maja Lisa Andersdotter born on July 28, 1811 in Fivlered parish and who emigrated with her husband and children to North America in 1852. This was taken from the 1863-1903 Minnesalbum (Anniversary booklet or remembrance album) for the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Paxton, Illinois. In 1903, she was the oldest living member in the congregation.

mrs lindstrom photo


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