Share your family tree!

There is a new function in the family tree at ArkivDigital. You can now invite up to 25 persons to view your tree. This makes it easy to show your research to your relatives and friends.

To do this:
Open your family tree in ArkivDigital and click on the button, “Settings” at the bottom right corner.

family tree 1

In the dialogue routine you now see, click on “Handle tree invites”.

family tree 2

Then click on “Invite to family tree”.

family tree 3

Write in the email address for the person that you wish to invite to view the tree and click OK.

family tree 4

Repeat the above steps to invite more people. The people you invite will receive an email with instructions on how to view the tree.

Looking at the family tree is completely free for the people you invite; they only need to register with their name and email address at ArkivDigital to access the tree.

The invited people can only look at your family tree, they cannot make any changes to it.

By clicking on “Handle tree invites” (see the second image) you can also see the status of the people you have invited and you can also remove the invitation if you no longer want a person to have access to your family tree.

Click here for Family Tree Frequently Asked Questions.


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