Reading Swedish church books – examples and videos

Many of you already know that the Swedish church books are a great treasure. They are so complete and provide so much information about one’s Swedish ancestry. But many persons beginning their Swedish research find some of the handwriting intimidating as well have questions about the content in the various church books.

We have written about this in the past but today we would like to remind you that we have some tutorials along with some church book examples on our website. Also, again we want to point out a wonderful website ( that includes some instructional videos on reading Gothic handwriting and reading birth records from the late 1800s back to the early 1700s using ArkivDigital images.

1700s birth record

The website ( which is free includes some wonderful instructional videos such as “Reading Gothic Handwriting for Swedish Genealogy” and several videos showing examples of reading birth records.

Click here to link to the learning page which lists the instructional videos.


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