Reading a 1700s death record

The contents of the death records in the Swedish church books vary by time and parish. Usually, the death record will contain the name of the deceased, death and burial date, place of residence, age and cause of death. Many find the handwriting a challenge in the older records. Below is an example of a death record from Dalhem parish for the year 1733.

death record dalhemDalhem (E, H) C:3 (1729-1793) Image 114 / Page 217 (AID: v37151.b114.s217, NAD: SE/VALA/00058)

Hust: Ingäred Nilsdotter i Viberg död 1 Feb. och begrafvne  11 ejusdem
60 åhr gammal.

Wife: Ingäred Nilsdotter from Viberg died on the February 1 (1733) and was buried on the 11th of the same month. 60 years old.

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