NEW! Searchable information for births, marriages and deaths from Släktdata

We have added more searchable information for births, marriages and deaths in ArkivDigital’s indexes. We have a partnership with the genealogy society, Föreningen Släktdata, which gives us access to register posts which can be linked to our church books and become searchable via our indexes. This new update includes 278,906 new posts.

The newly searchable information is divided among our existing birth, marriage and death indexes as follows:

  • Births, parts of Sweden: 88,889 posts
    • Information from the following counties: Blekinge, Gotland, Göteborg och Bohus, Halland, Uppsala, Värmland, Älvsborg and Örebro.
  • Marriages, parts of Sweden: 50,604 posts
    • Information from the following counties: Gotland, Göteborg och Bohus, Halland, Skaraborg, Stockholm, Uppsala, Värmland, Västerbotten, Älvsborg and Örebro.
  • Deaths, parts of Sweden: 139,413 posts
    • Information from the following counties: Gotland, Göteborg och Bohus, Skaraborg, Uppsala, Värmland, Västerbotten, Älvsborg, Örebro and Östergötland.

The number of posts vary among the various counties; sometimes it is only a few parishes and sometimes many parishes. The time period that is covered varies between shorter and longer time periods.


ArkivDigital’s index makes it easier for you to find information about when and where your ancestors were born, married and died. Instead of paging through a book page by page, you can now make a quick search in our index. When you have found the person, you are searching for, you can simply click a link to the original source where you can double check the information.

Dependent upon which index you use to search, you can search by name, birth date, marriage date, death date and parish. If you want to learn more search tips, we recommend reading the following:

After this index, our indexes include the following post totals (Click on the links in order to see more information about which parishes and years are included in the index):

In order to open the birth, marriage and death indexes, you log in at and select Index search. In the list under Index source, you then select the birth, marriage or death index dependent upon what type of information you are seeking.

When you have done that, you now can search for your ancestors and relatives! (A subscription is required. Click here to find more information about the different types of subscriptions that are offered.


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