New map function in ArkivDigital’s family tree

Now, we are launching a map view in our family tree. With this new function, you can get a geographical overview where in Sweden your family lived. The map view shows the events of family members placed on a map. If you do not already have a family tree with ArkivDigital, you can create a tree manually or import a GEDCOM file from another genealogy program.

You open the new map view by clicking on the symbol in the bottom left in the family tree.


You can also open the map view by clicking on the blue button Map Search and then select People.

people map

The persons will automatically be placed on the map if you have entered information about the parish for birth / marriage / death and other events under the heading Parish/Congregation on the person card. Note that the name of the parish must match the name that appears in the proposal list when entering a parish name. If you have made a GEDCOM import and the imported file contains locations with associated coordinates, they will also appear on the map.


If the information about the parish is not under the correct heading (for example, if you made a GEDCOM import and the information about the parish has instead been placed under the heading Place), you can add the parish under the right heading and then the person in question will appear on the map. Select the correct parish from the proposal list (drop down list) that appears when you begin to enter the parish name.

editing event family tree

The people placed on the map are placed in the parish where the actual event took place. Click on the map marker to see a list of events and people for that particular location.

persons with event lists

You can move the person to a more precise location, such as the farm where the person lived when he / she was born or died. To move a person, first click on the map marker and then the pen to edit that person.

move person on map

When you click the edit pen, the marker for the selected person becomes red and you can then move it to the correct location on the map. When you believe the marker is in the right place, click the green icon to save. You can switch between map view and satellite view to easily find the right place on the map.

moved person on map

sattelite maria

When you look at the event list in the person card, there is now a new icon next to the location of the event. The map icon is green if the event is already placed on the map. You can then click on the icon to open the map view and see the location of the event.

event person card

The map icon is gray with a plus sign if the event is not placed on the map. Click on the icon in order to manually place the event and choose where on the map you wish to place it.

You can also filter the events using the various options shown above the map.

family view last image

 Here is a link to the Family Tree User Manual in English. Family Tree English User Manual


One thought on “New map function in ArkivDigital’s family tree

  1. Thank you for this new feature! Many times I have wished I could have a map and locate the farms where my ancestors lived. I have been to the home my great great grandfather lived in at Näshulta which was a wonderful treat. I hope to find other locations and visit them at a later date.