NEW! Births, marriages och deaths in Gamble Norbergs and Skinnskattebergs Bergslager

We have added information from Norberg parish in Västmanland province and the surrounding parishes to our birth, marriage and death indexes. The following indexes have been updated:

  • Births: 156,217 new posts
  • Marriages: 56,246 new posts
  • Deaths: 130,062 new posts

The following parishes and years (gaps may exist) are included in the different indexes:

  • Gunnilbo: births 1660–1939, marriages 1659–1969, deaths 1660–1926
  • Hed: births 1683–1944, marriages 1683–1968, deaths 1710–1939
  • Karbenning: births 1690–1947, marriages 1690–1969, deaths 1690–1921
  • Malingsbo: births 1746–1913, marriages 1860–1969, deaths 1786–1926
  • Norrbärke: births 1800–1840, marriages 1800–1840
  • Norberg: marriages 1635–1950, deaths 1643–1936
  • Ramsberg: births 1679–1932, marriages 1679–1948, deaths 1679–1948
  • Skinnskatteberg: births 1623–1929, marriages 1623–1949, deaths 1623–1935
  • Söderbärke: births 1675–1922, marriages 1675–1955, deaths 1675–1918
  • Västanfors: births 1662–1925, marriages 1662–1949, deaths 1663–1918
  • Västerfärnebo: births 1647–1939, marriages 1647–1950, deaths 1647–1918
  • Västervåla: births 1628–1929, marriages 1628–1953, deaths 1628–1932

Norberg death

These indexes make it easier for you to quickly find the person you are seeking. With a simple search, you can find when and where your ancestors and relatives were born, married and died. When you find the correct person, you can make a simple click to see the original source in order to double check the information.

By clicking on the below links, you can which parishes and years are included in the indexes after this update.

After this update, there are now 6,776,501 searchable posts in Births, parts of Sweden, 1,581,887 searchable posts in Marriages, parts of Sweden and 2,574,428 searchable posts in Deaths, parts of Sweden.

In order to open any of these three indexes, you log in at, select Index search and select, Births, parts of Sweden, Marriages, parts of Sweden or Deaths, parts of Sweden under index source.

This index was created in partnership with Släkt-och Bygdeforskarföreningen ENGELBREKT, Norberg.


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