NEW! Births in Östergötland 1800–1840

Do you have ancestors from Östergötland? Now it is easier to find information about your ancestors who were born in Östergötland for the years, 1800-1840. We have just added 248,383 new searchable posts of births in Östergötland to our register, Births, parts of Sweden.

The birth register is a great help when you research since you can quickly find the correct person with a simple search. Then you can then click directly to the original source in order to verify the information in the birth book.

You will find the following information in the index record:

  • Birth date
  • Baptismal date
  • Child’s first name
  • Birth place (village, farm, etc.)
  • Birth parish
  • Parent’s names, titles/occupations and ages

ostergotland births

There are now approximately 3.5 million index entries in the index, Births, parts of Sweden. We will be updating the registers with more counties so watch our blogs for information about future updates.

Click here to see what parishes and years are included in the Births, parts of Sweden index.

To open the index, Births, parts of Sweden:

  • Login at
  • Select Index search
  • Select, Births, parts of Sweden, in the list under Index source.


NEW – Engelholms gårdsarkiv (farm archive)

ArkivDigital has recently digitized the Engelholm gårdsarkiv (farm archive). The farm archive comes from the Engelholm manor which is a property located in the St. Anna archipelago in Östergötland. Engelholm’s long history begins in the year 1614 when the property was named, Ändö. In 1660, the manor’s name was changed to Engelholm and in 1719 Jacob Spens became the owner of the manor. The Engelholm estate remained in the Spens family up until 2019. You can read more about the estate in in PDF which you find by clicking here. (In Swedish)

engelholm land recordAn example of a record from Engelholms gårdsarkiv in ArkivDigital

The digitized material within ArkivDigital consists of 41 volumes. These volumes include among others: land records, account books, journals, settlement books, poor accounts, farm accounts and much more.

Here you will also find the personal archives for the owners: Jakob Spens, Axel Spens, Gabriel Spens, Fredrik Spens, Carl Gabriel Spens, Carl Axel Spens and Valter Spens. This is a rich gold mine for you who are interested in Engelholm and the Spens family history.

engelholm family treeThe owners of Engleholm are marked by the blue circles. The family tree is from the writing  ”Fideikommissarierna till Engelholm” by Erik Spens.

Earlier, we have also digitized documents from the Höja Säteri (Manor), which was also had been owned by the Spens family and which once also was part of the Engelholm property.

You can find Engelholm’s gårdsarkiv by logging into, clicking Archive search and then entering Engelholm in the search field under archive holder. If you would rather find the documents for the Höja manor, enter Höja in the search field instead.


Regna local historical society’s archive

For all family and local history researchers with interest in Regna parish in North Östergötland, we want to point out a very interesting resource, the Regna local historical society’s archive (Regna hembygdsförenings arkiv). Recently, selected sections of the society’s archive have been added to ArkivDigital’s online archive.

The archive consists of many types of documents, such as extracts from court protocols, bills of exchange, private letters, purchase documents and examination catalogs. Parts of the collection are sorted by farms / villages, making it easy to find documents for a particular farm or city. Many of the documents were collected in the 1930s, 40s and 50s when three men, Adolf Guditz, Herbert Larsson and Axel E. Ericsson visited the farms and collected the material.

Among the many documents we have photographed include 17 volumes of wonderful photographs. The album includes photographs of people living in Regna, taken from the middle of the 1800’s and forward. Many of the persons in the photos are identified with information about their place of residence as well as birth and death year.

regnaA page out of a photo album. On the left side, we see home owner Anders Eriksson (1823-1909) in Gåsnäs and on the right side we home owner Erik Eriksson (born 1828) in Börstorp. Link.

In order to access Regna local historical society’s archive in ArkivDigital:

  • Select New archive search.
  • Enter Regna hembygdsförening in the search box and click search.

The material is divided into six archives:

  • Regna hembygdsförening
  • Regna hembygdsförening: Adolf Guditz efterlämnade handlingar
  • Regna hembygdsförening: Axel E. Ericsson
  • Regna hembygdsförening: Fotoalbum
  • Regna hembygdsförening: Göntorps gårdsarkiv
  • Regna hembygdsförening: Herbert Larssons samling

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