Births in Stockholm county 1750–1799

Do you have ancestors from Stockholm county? We have now updated our birth index so that you can now search for your ancestors who were born in Stockholm county for the years 1750-1799. We have added 238, 554 searchable name posts for Stockholm county.

ArkivDigital’s birth index is a great help for you who search for birth records for your ancestors and family. Instead of browsing page by page in the birth books, you can make a quick search in the index. When you have found the person, you are searching for, you can simply click the link to the birth book to double check the information in the original source.

stockholm birth 1750

The following information is searchable in the birth index:

  • Birth date
  • Baptismal date
  • Child’s first name
  • Birth place (village, farm, etc.)
  • Birth parish
  • Parents’ first name and last name, their titles/occupation and ages.

The total number of entries in the index, Birth index, parts of Sweden, is now more than 7.6 million. We will continue to update the indexes so watch our blog and other social media to get information about all news.

Click here to see what parishes and years are included in the index after this update.

In addition, we have also made some further updates of our birth, marriage and death indexes. Among the updates are supplements to the marriage indexes with information up to 1725 for Västbo and Östbo districts in Jönköping county. We have also published some indexes created by private individuals which contain information about births, marriages and deaths.

There are now 211 million searchable name posts within ArkivDigital.


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  1. ArkivDigital is amazing! Very helpful for research, easy to use, and the people behind it are so friendly and responsive. Thank you for your hard work.