2021: ArkivDigital Year in Review

2021 in review

2021 has been a different year for all of us. Fortunately, genealogy is a great hobby to pursue during a pandemic, and, we at ArkivDigital have spent the year continuing to work to simplify and improve our service for all of you genealogists. Here we share the highlights among the news presented in 2021.

90 million images in the database
For most of the year, the Corona pandemic stopped all photographing at the archives, but we were finally able to get started again in September. During the last months of the year, we published 2 million images of historical documents, which corresponds to approximately 4 million pages. At the beginning of December, we reached a new milestone of 90 million images in the database.

Many million new posts in BiS (Population of Sweden) 
In 2021, we made two major updates to Sweden’s largest name index, BiS (Population of Sweden). At the beginning of the year, we added 19.4 million searchable names for the years 1820-1839 and in the past week, we added 13.3 million posts for the years 1800-1819. There are now 165.8 searchable name posts in the index.

Zoom lectures during 2021
In 2021, we continued with our very popular Zoom lectures (in Swedish) on the first Wednesday of the month. ArkivDigital also participated in the Genealogy Days, RootsTech, and Finding Family Together Live, all held digitally. We will continue with lectures online also in 2022. We will host a virtual open house in English at RootsTech in March 2022.

One of the 101 best websites for genealogy 2021
In 2021, Family Tree Magazine again selected ArkivDigital as one of the 101 best websites for genealogy. Family Tree Magazine is North America’s leading genealogy magazine that inspires its readers to research and preserve their family history.

Birth index
At the beginning of 2021, we completed indexing the birth records for all of Sweden for the years 1800-1840. Then in the summer, we began indexing birth records for years 1750–1799.  Now, only a couple of counties remain before all the births for years, 1750-1799, are complete. In total, there are now more than 9.2 million searchable entries in the birth index.

Marriage index
In May, we completed the marriage index for all of Sweden for the years, 1800–1840. There are now almost 2 million searchable records where you can quickly and easily find your ancestors’ and relatives’ marriage records.

The estate inventories index has grown significantly
Our estate inventories index has grown significantly during 2021. We have added more than 4.3 million posts from around Sweden. There are more than 6.2 million searchable name entries in the estate inventories index.

More than a million new aerial photographs
In 2021, we published about 1.4 million new aerial photographs. Today, there are about 4.6 million aerial photographs that you can view in ArkivDigital.

Swedish-American church books from Colorado
The Swedish-American church books are a good source for looking for relatives who emigrated to North America. We have added newly photographed church book records from Swedish-American churches in Colorado. Among the books, you will find congregation books, birth books, marriage books, and death books.

Searchable information about births, marriages, and deaths from Släktdata
In 2021, we have continued our partnership with Föreningen Släktdata, and this has resulted in us being able to update our birth, marriage, and death indexes with 279,000 searchable name posts.

Births, marriages, and deaths in Gamble Norbergs and Skinnskattebergs Bergslager
We have also had a partnership with Släkt- och Bygdeforskarföreningen ENGELBREKT in Norberg where we have published about 342,000 searchable name posts for births, marriages, and deaths.

Learn more at YouTube
In 2021, we have added many new videos on YouTube, and some are in English. Among the videos are all the lectures held on Zoom during the year. Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you do not miss anything in the future.

Read our blog
If you want to read more about what happened at ArkivDigital in 2021, you will find all the information on our blog.

A big and warm thank you to all our customers for this past year!  We look forward to this coming year. We hope to be able to continue to photograph interesting historical documents.  We also hope to open up our service again for ordering photographing of court records and other historical documents.  We will also introduce new exciting indexes that facilitate searching for relatives and ancestors. Read our blog and follow us on social media so you will not miss anything in 2022!

Happy New Year!