Another look at Regna’s Historical Society Archive

About three years ago, we wrote a blog (see earlier blog in English, see earlier blog in Swedish) stating that selected sections of the Regna local historical society’s archive (Regna hembygdsförenings arkiv) had been added to the ArkivDigital’s online archive.

Since there are so many types of records within ArkivDigital, it is often good to review the many types of archives and record types within ArkivDigital.

Among one of the most interesting archives is the Regna Hembygdsförening:Fotoalbum. The archive includes 17 volumes of wonderful photographs of people living in Regna, taken from the middle of the 1800’s and forward. Many of the persons in the photos are identified with information about their place of residence as well as birth and death year.

If you have an ancestor from the parish of Regna in Östergötland county, you may want to look at these photographs. Below is a photo of Nämndeman (Juryman) Viktor Gustafsson who emigrated from Regna to North America in 1903.

viktor gustafsson

In order to access Regna Hembygdsförening:Fotoalbum:

  • Select Archive search.
  • Enter Regna hembygdsföreningin the search box under archive holder and click search.
  • Select Regna Hembygdsförening:Fotoalbum and open archive.


NEW! Updating of marriage index 1800-1840

We have updated our marriage index. This time we have added 89,483 searchable marriage name posts from six counties: namely Blekinge, Halland, Norrbotten, Södermanland, Värmland and Örebro. The information covers the years 1800-1840.

lappman marriage

The marriage index makes it simpler for you to find marriage records for your ancestors and relatives. Instead of browsing page by page in the marriage book, you can make a quick search by using the index. When you have found the bridal couple that you are seeking, it is simple to go further with a simple click and double check the information in the original record.

The following information is searchable in our marriage index:

  • Marriage parish
  • Marriage date
  • First and last name of bride and groom
  • Residence of bride and groom

There is now a total of 1,150,421 posts in the index, Marriages, parts of Sweden. We will continue to update the index with information from more counties. Watch our blog and other social media to receive information on all updates.

Click here to see what parishes and years are included in the marriage index after this update.

In order to open, Marriages, parts of Sweden, log in at, and select Index search and select, Marriages, parts of Sweden, in the list under index source.


2020 Virtual Winter Swedish Genealogy Workshop

mcpherson old mill

The McPherson County Old Mill Museum in Lindsborg, Kansas will be hosting a virtual ArkivDigital genealogy workshop on Saturday, December 12 from 9:15 AM to 12 PM Central Standard Time. Kathy Meade of ArkivDigital will be giving two presentations. Registration will be limited to 100 attendees.


There will be two presentations:

  • Introduction to Swedish Estate Inventories
  • Exploring Swedish Military Records

Click here for program details and click here for registration.


Research free this weekend with ArkivDigital!

personer på rad engelska

From now and up through November 15, you can research for free with ArkivDigital. Take this opportunity to find information about your ancestors and family and discover more about your unique family history.

You can browse for free nearly 88 million newly photographed color images from the church books and other historical documents as well as search by name among 188 million names that are in our indexes.

Try building you own family tree with ArkivDigital. In the family tree, you can the save the persons and information that you find during the free days.

If you have never used ArkivDigital, this is a perfect time to discover all the exciting material we have in our indexes and archive.

If you have been a customer with ArkivDigital earlier but have not used the service in a while, you can take this opportunity to explore the new material that has been added in the recent months. Maybe you can add new material to your family research.

Click here for more information.

The offering to research free goes from now and up to Sunday, November 15 (Swedish midnight).

Feel free to invite your friends and relatives to take advantage of this free offer. Enjoy the free days!

You can watch Kathy Meade’s recent presentation “Explore your Swedish Heritage Using ArkivDigital” that was given to the Swedish American Genealogy Group’s virtual research event. We have uploaded the recording to ArkivDigital’s YouTube Channel. The video covers topics such as archive search, index search, Swedish estates and farms, update about Swedish American churches and more.

Click here to view.

Click here to download the presentation handout.


NEW! Births, marriages and deaths in Jämtland

Again, we have updated our indexes: Births, parts of Sweden, Marriages, parts of Sweden and Deaths, parts of Sweden. This time we have added information about births, marriages and deaths for parishes in Jämtland. The following number of posts have been added in this update:

  • Births: 160,622 new posts from church books from the beginning up till around 1875
  • Marriages: 38,238 new posts from church books from the beginning up till around 1861
  • Deaths: 78,573 new posts from church books from the beginning up till around 1861

These index posts make it simpler for you as a customer to quickly find the person you are searching for. With a simple search, you can find where and when your ancestors and relatives were born, married and died. You can then click to the original source in order to double check the information.

jamtland death

By clicking on the links shown below, you can see which parishes and years are included in the index after this update.

After this update, the index for Births, parts of Sweden has a total 6,481,737 searchable name posts, Marriages, parts of Sweden has a total of 1,060,938 searchable name posts and Deaths, parts of Sweden has a total of 2,444,365 searchable name posts.

In order to open any of these three indexes, you log in at, select Index Search and then select Births, parts of Sweden, Marriages, parts of Sweden or Deaths, parts of Sweden in the list under index source.


Orphanage Records in ArkivDigital

We have been recently receiving questions about availability of orphanage records within ArkivDigital. It has been a while since we wrote a blog or newsletter about these records. Within ArkivDigital, you will find archives for the following orphanages:

  • Allmänna barnhuset (Public Orphanage of Stockholm)
  • Amarilitetsbarnhusets i Karlskrona
  • Frimurarbarnhuset i Stockholm (Free Mason Orphanage in Stockholm)
  • Kronohuset i Malmö – Royal Orphanage in Malmö
  • Malmö barnhem (för flickor) – Malmö orphanage for girls
  • Malmö barnhuset – Malmö Orphanage

To search for the orphanages within ArkivDigital, do the following:

  • Select archive search.
  • Select archive type: barnhus (barnhus is Swedish for orphanage).
  • Click on search.

Sweden’s largest orphanage was Allmänna barnhuset or the Public Orphanage of Stockholm which was founded in 1633 and active until the 20th century. Many of the children at the Public Orphanage were placed in homes around Sweden and the orphanage records show where they were placed. Below is an image of an orphanage record from the Public Orphanage of Stockholm.

orpan stockholmAllmänna barnhuset (A, AB) D2H:27 (1831-1832) Image 240 / Page 2531 (AID: v749581.b240.s2531, NAD: SE/SSA/0809A)

The above record is for Anna Charlotta Göransson born on the 18th of January 1827. Her mother is noted as the deceased widow, Anna Greta Göransson. Anna Charlotta was placed in the home of farmer Pehr Pehrsson at Österfligge in Liden parish in Västernorrland county in 1831.

Click here to read more about the Public Orphanage of Stockholm.